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Historical Parkside Village Hunted by Minelab CTX3030

December 19, 2017

As the holiday season is in full swing…pardon the pun….I know time is running out to get those last few hunts in before the new year lands. This perhaps could be my last 2017 adventure so I’ve decided to do something unusual this time and see if I couldn’t finish 2017 with a bang. It’s the big risk big reward strategy for me and my new Minelab CTX 3030. A risk we’re willing to take.

For Those That Don’t Know

My style of hunting is typically a public park coin shooter. The Minelab CTX 3030 and myself just love finding silver coins and oldies making us the perfect pair. In most cases I tend to stay away from the public beaches of Adelaide and steer clear on many of the local parks surrounding Adelaide’s CBD, or downtown area for my fellow Norte Americanos. In most cases, these parks have been heavily hunting over years and my experiences tell me there’s not many rich targets left. Not to say I won’t ever go back and hunt the parklands in the future. I just prefer other locations instead.

However, at the moment I’m on a seek and destroy mission discovering great little parks and reserves on the outskirts of town. These outer laying suburbs offer a wealth of history, scenic parks, and plenty of good targets. This is my forte, I love it and I’ll continue on this path in 2018 hunting as many new locations (new to me at least) until the trend wears thin or breaks down. So with that said, today I’m going to do the opposite! I’m driving into the first suburb adjacent to the Adelaide parklands. To a quaint historic suburb called Parkside. The plan is to hunker in tight as a tick with the CTX 3030 and hunt a few locations that I researched for it’s historic values. I know I know, I just spoke about how all these parks near the CBD have been heavily hunted so what could be left?

Let’s find out……


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