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Gold Fever at Local Park While Dirt Fishing

January 16, 2018
CTX 3030 finds gold ring dirt fishing

To be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a detecting rut the past few weeks. Part due to real life responsibilities and part do to with rubbish ridden locations. Any long term prospector knows this dreadful feeling. It’s that lull, that slip in your step, a mental funk, a slump in the field. Call it what you want because we have all been there and we’ll all be there again it’s just the ebb and flow of dirt fishing.

Still to this day my passion for the hobby is through the roof, it always has and hopefully always will be. Even amongst my current day rut I still love aspects of hobby. The research, the ‘behind the scene’ work with my CTX, the build up of anticipation for the next hunt. But most of all, I simply love the field work itself. Even through my darkest days of detecting you still have to remind yourself that the next hunt will hopefully be a better day. All I want is to discover something unique, anything to get those juices flowing again.

Will today be the day?

A brilliant morning’s sunrise with my Minelab CTX 3030 would only get better as I hit two local parks to unearth some true treasures. Some might say ‘gold fever’ is just a saying amongst detectorist but I’m telling you….it’s legit and very addicting. I’m happy to say that the juice is back and I’m ready for my next adventure. Enjoy today’s video hunt…..

History of Old Noarlunga

In 1840, the South Australian Company laid out the Noarlunga township at the ‘Horseshoe’ beside the Onkaparinga River. The surrounding country became a focus for cereal farming and, within a few years, the township comprised a flour mill, as well as a hotel (the Horseshoe Inn). The South Australia Company planned the town with reserved land for a church, school and cemetery. The town was also surveyed on the banks of the River to take advantage of tides and to ship produce from the mill to the harbour (Port Noarlunga). The town was renamed to Old Noarlunga in 1978 after Noarlunga Centre was established as a Regional Centre. The town was also home to the Noarlunga District Council from 1856 until the Council Offices were built at Noarlunga Centre in 1975.

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