Austral Park

November 11, 2017

Back to the eastern suburbs of Adelaide I go this morning, this time we’re going to the small suburb of Linden Park to hunt Austral Park. In theory the closer I get to Adelaide’s CBD the older my finds, but with that said, my oldest coin to date (1806 King George III Half Penny) was unearthed in my neighborhood park right here in Hallett Cove. So don’t underestimate the history right in your own backyard, just because you live in a new fancy development doesn’t mean there still isn’t valuable treasures right under your feet.

Sometimes I wonder why I journey to the eastern suburbs of Adelaide’s rich and famous. Maybe it’s because I find silver quite often, but it does come at a price. I’m constantly harassed, or better yet, given the hairy eyeball by the locals. Hey mate, just come over and talk to me, I’m more than happy to smooth your ruffled feathers or if you’re really that bent out of shape then I’m happy to pack up and relocate. I’m not here to cause trouble just out hunting for history. Just because your a big fish in a little pond doesn’t give you the right to give me that passive aggressive attitude. The life of a prospector, what can you do but keep on diggin!

Enough of that, let’s get back to it

My journey started early this morning as I knew the weather was going to reach mid 30s (mid/upper 90s for my fellow Fahrenheit followers) so I was hoping to get my dirt time in early and quick to beat the heat. Under a overcast sky only made it more a humid and tropical of a day and worse off I forgot my water.

As of late, my back has been aching pretty damn bad the past two weeks. However, the last few days she’s come good again so this morning I was rested and strong with a solid mindset to discover some old coins.

As mentioned before Austral Park was my park of choice on this sultry fine morning and I hit the ground running. Starting right there at my car I wasn’t a few feet in before hitting solid targets. Bam bam bam, I had a good feeling about this day.

That good feeling quickly was erased as those beautiful signals coming through the Etrac were all 1 & 2 cent stinkers. They tease you, they play with your mind. It’s the perfect tone, the perfect target ID for something sweet but they just slow you down in the long run. Sounds like I’m whinging again, we’ll perhaps, but still any brown bugger I dig is better than being at work. Am I right?

I pushed through the heavy patch of brown buggers that lasted nearly an hour before breaking free of my morning nightmare. Now I know what the boys in Normandy felt like during the D-Day invasion. Allied soldiers bogged down by thick hedgerows and enemy fire before breaking free and proceeding on to Berlin. Though in my analogy, the hedgerows and enemy fire where these brown buggers! Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying comparing myself to those brave studs that fought through Normandy, only for a brief sliver of a second I could understand the pace. I only wish I was tenth the brave-heart as those boys. True heroes and a tip of the hat to all those men & women throughout history who laid it on the line for there country.

Now without further ado, enjoy the video of today’s battle at Austral Park………