Bell Yett Reserve

This morning had a seasonally unusual chill in the air as a whopper of a storm passed by through the night and saturated the earth with much needed rain. With that said, cool air and moist soil are my ideal conditions to hunt.

Today my expedition would take me to the edge of the Adelaide Hills in the eastern sector of the city as I researched yet another tasty option at Bell Yett Reserve. Once the land of three generations of internationally acclaimed botanist with a rich history of South Australia waiting to be discovered.

If the weather holds, I have a good feeling of what is about to come.

As I entered today’s adventure, I’ve been on a pretty good run of modern coins and some unique finds. However, my heart and passion is always silver coins and old pre-decimals which seemly have evaded my swinging Etrac coil over the past few weeks. A dry spell that has now reached epic portions and a career long for me.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold as a micro cell coming in from the south decided to rear its ugly head just as the hunting was getting good. I’d have to cut my hunt short at Bell Yett and pack it in for another day. The good news, on my drive home the weather broke and the sun returned making my decision to freestyle to the nearest park an easy options. Being in familiar turf I’ve already hunted many of the nearby parks, so I decide to pull over and open my Google maps to scan the neighborhood for something new. It didn’t take long before I found AA Bailey Reserve right here in Clarence Gardens. A perfect out-of-the-way park (or reserve) suitable for my last ditch effort in breaking the silver coin slump.

So let’s find out how the day would end, bon appetite….