Linde Park and My New CTX

With my brand new Minelab CTX 3030 I was like a child on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t sleep a wink the night before my hunt at Linde Reserve as I was filled with joy and excitement, simply eager to get out and play with my new toy.

After watching hours of YouTube channels on the CTX, I had the baby all prepared revising some basic setting so I was ready to go immediately.

Since the CTX was impulse buy. I’d already researched my next location, which was Linde Reserve in Stepney, SA just days prior. So I stuck to my original plan and still decided to hit this reserve with my new detector. Even though, after the purchase, I was hoping to return to one of my old favorites hunting grounds in Clarendon to give the CTX a trail run and see what I haven’t discovered yet from my many previous expeditions.

Clarendon will have to wait until next week. Today we’re heading down to Stepney, a small suburb just a click or two outside the CBD of Adelaide. This seemed to be the ideal location to give the CTX her maiden voyage as this park has some age behind it. The only knock, the closer you get to the CBD the older the parks and in turn usually means this locations are cleaned out over years of detection prior to my arrival.

Anyhow, I still wanted to find out what Linde Reserve had in store for me and my new baby. Probably not the ideal situation as I’m a rookie with the CTX but from the reviews and comments on forums, it should be very similar to the Etrac so I was confident the learning curve would be brief. I’ll just have to get familiar with the finer details and the ins-and-outs of my CTX as I go. That’s the only way, and best way to learn anything……jump right in!

I’ll seize my rambling now and let you take this journey over to YouTube as you can watch the maiden voyage of my CTX 3030 at Linde Reserve.

Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve got the First 100 Giveaway in progress, don’t miss out the chance to win.


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About Linde Reserve

The park was upgraded not long ago by demolishing a dingy toilet block, landscaping the area, upgrading the playground, and “naturalising” and enhancing the Second Creek environment which previously looked like a grotty open drain.

It is surrounded by several quaint old 19th century cottages and other buildings. In 2008 the local council attempted to demolish these, but vigorous protests by residents and heritage groups saw the council eventually back down.

The Reserve includes an area known as Matilda’s Playground, commemorating Matilda Piper who set up one of the state’s first private schools at Stepney in 1851. You will find a number of fantasy statues in that area.

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Cat Figure in Matilda’s Playground

The playground at the northern edge of the site has a great range of climbing equipment that are guaranteed to keep youngsters hanging around for a while. The equipment is all on a rubberised surface to help minimise any hurt if kids fall over.

linde reserve, dunsone grove, mathildas playground, stepney, playground, park

The Appropriately Named Funnel Web

After the little ones have explored the Funnel Web, they can ride the Comet which reminds me a little of the old wooden merry go rounds that were in so many parks years ago.

linde reserve, dunsone grove, mathildas playground, stepney, playground, park

Ride a Comet

The Linde Reserve has car parking, toilets, seating and free electric barbeques. Even on a hot day there is plenty of shade, and seating is spread around the park.