Mylor Oval

It wasn’t long ago my wife and I took a Sunday venture up to the Adelaide Hills for a day of frolicking about from town to town. Her eyes were glued on the antique shops, markets and cafes while mine  locked in possible new nectar-sector for me to swing my new Minelab CTX 3030.

Only being in Adelaide for only 5 years, I’ve yet to have the time to see all the special nooks and crannies that Adelaide has to offer. Especially to a amateur prospector like myself. However, since arriving in Adelaide I’ve always been drawn to the cooler climate and cozy charm the Adelaide Hills. The region as a whole is a geographical eye-popping marvel and wether your seeking relics metal detecting or antiquing for the day it’s totally worth the 30 minute drive. The hill culture is even more laid back than Adelaide and that’s saying something since Aussies are known for being pretty laid back people. With Adelaide being even more laid back than the Aussie norm, then the Adelaide Hills on top of that only makes for a very chill vibe and atmosphere.

Anyhow, like I was saying, my wife and I were frolicking about the Adelaide Hills when we happened upon a tiny town called Mylor looking for a quite cup of coffee at the local cafe. While enjoying our coffees I was trying to stay focused on my wife’s conversation, but in reality, all I was focused on was the Mylor Oval adjacent to the cafe!

I kept thinking to myself this would be the perfect location for a hunt. It ticked many of my boxes. The town had history, the oval is the centerpiece of town where local events and markets take place, it was surrounded by nature and historic landmarks like the Old Cobbler House. Plus it seemed to be untouched by hundreds of prospectors prior to my arrival. Haha…there’s no possible way know how many metal detectors have hunted these historic grounds. However, I kept telling myself, “this was virgin land I’m coming back with the Minelab CTX 3030 pronto”

Finally that day has arrived and Mylor Oval didn’t disappoint as the title says it all!!!!

So sit back, put the feet up and enjoy the ride.

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Dig well, and again, thanks for following the fun!!!!



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