River Torrens/Veterans Hall Park

On my second expedition with the MInelab CTX 3030 I’m already starting to get acclimated as I’m beginning to reap the rewards of such a premium detector.

It was a blistering day under the morning sun, a day that would be cut short due to the pending heatwave that has wrapped up Adelaide today. Nonetheless, passion prevails as the day started at a riverside patch of grasslands near the River Torrens just outside downtown Adelaide. My journey would finish up at Veterans Hall Park where the day was full of roundness both old and silver alike.

It was a beauty of a day digging up oldies and silvers as they seemly found their way into my pouch upon every swing…..well maybe that’s an exaggeration….but you get my point. I was doing my part as a amateur detector-ist to bring these ancient articles of goodness back to life again. I think I succeed as metal detecting with my new CTX 3030 is getting better and better every hunt.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did creating it.

Dig well my friends


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